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Dirk Beveridge

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We are living in disruptive times.

In fact 76% of wholesaler-distributors surveyed believe we are living in an environment we could call the “age of disruption.” Leaders throughout the industry are challenged by the constant pressures coming at them from all directions. These pressures could come from marketplace competitors or be the result of new government regulations, shifting demographics, the accelerating pace of technology, and others. Navigating these big shifts to create a sustainable and relevant business has become the new mandate for every leader and every employee in distribution.Innovation is at the core of this new mandate, and future success in wholesale distribution will be based on the ability of distribution firms to innovate.

To help you and your team hone your innovation knowledge and abilities, trust the expert guidance and real-world expertise found in INNOVATE! How Successful Distributors Lead Change in Disruptive Times by Dirk Beveridge. Each chapter concludes with specific thought processes, action items, and exercises to guide you in your innovation journey.

Innovation means leading customers to a better future for which they are capable and willing to reward you. This requires a continuous journey of change and evolution. Innovative distribution executives will empower their team members to think critically about how to improve their companies ... and then to take action on their ideas. For innovation to catch fire, your employees at every level of your company must be prepared, willing, and excited to look at your business as if they have never seen it. They must understand that the ability to transform your business for the future resides within each of them.

After reading INNOVATE! you’ll

• Find the will, energy, and focus to lead change in today’s disruptive times
• Escape the tyranny of the urgent, drive mediocrity out of your business, change the rules, and break free from the gravitational pull of the status quo
• Reimagine your business model and craft your own story to inspire organizational change
• Create a culture of collaboration where you and your team experiment without fear of failure, and the best ideas (regardless of title or tenure) win
• Pursue a deliberate process of reinvention that will help ensure sustainability and profitability of your business for the future
• Lead your customers to a better future for which they are willing to reward you!
• And, here is the good news ... 95% of leaders surveyed feel personally empowered to be a disruptive change agent within their business. If this describes you, then INNOVATE! is for you.


What Readers Have to Say

“This is one of the best business books I have ever read. I am blown away with all of the take-aways and business examples…it’s simply amazing! At Parksite, we’ve formed an Innovation Team at the management level, and this book is exposing us to new thinking about our business and is guiding us on a path forward for continued growth and profitability. I encourage every wholesale distribution leader to read this book.”
George Pattee, Chairman and CEO, Parksite, Inc.

“Beveridge presents a compelling case for distributors to consider their business model and actively pursue a deliberate process of reinvention that will help ensure viability and vitality of their business for the future. He gives solid examples of what to do and how to do it and a roadmap to reimagine our business model and value proposition. I highly recommend this book, and it has been added to the required reading list at Summit.”
Victor R. Jury, Jr., President and CEO, Summit Electric Supply Co., Inc.

“With captivating, self-effacing style, Beveridge outlines a path for distributors to remain relevant in this era of disruption. The important and neglected topics he covers are a must-read for all employees within distribution and their supply-chain partners. Beveridge’s new voice advances the innovation conversation with passion and conviction that will spark a renewed energy for change and an optimistic outlook for your company’s future.”
Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

“Simply put, Beveridge gets it! Being a leader in today’s distribution businesses isn’t just about managing for today’s results. It’s about motivating and innovating to get the most out of your people and the rapidly changing landscape. This is necessary reading for anyone who wants to remain or become an effective leader in our industry.”
L.T. Gibson, CEO, U.S. LBM Holdings, LLC

“Beveridge nails it! Innovation is no longer just a buzzword or a luxury. Today innovation is a business necessity and a key strategy to survive and thrive. INNOVATE! gives a not-so-subtle nudge that you can’t wait to begin your innovation journey while also showing you how to start.”
Christopher Brown, CEO, Wiedenbach-Brown Co., Inc.

“Every field has its rabble rousers, change agents, thought leaders—people with the wisdom to understand the past, and the creativity to conjure up a new vision for the future. In the field of wholesale distribution, Dirk Beveridge is that thought leader, and this indispensable book presents his vision. Leaders can’t let what they know limit what they can imagine. Use this book to fire your imagination to make long-lasting change in fast-moving times.”
William C. Taylor, Cofounder, Fast Company, and Author of Practically Radical




Dirk Beveridge

Dirk is President of 4th Generation Systems, a sales, marketing, and leadership development firm that helps wholesaler-distributors become more competitive and provide deeper value to customers. For more than 25 years as an industry consultant, Dirk has helped leading distribution firms align, focus, and strengthen their strategies to remain relevant, outperform the market, and provide deeper value to customers.

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