NEW! The Future of Selling: The End of Sales as We Know It

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This research study is published by the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence, a leading publisher of research exclusively for and about the wholesale distribution industry. More>>

Howard Stevens

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An Encyclopedic View of Sales Research

A popular choice for sales executives, The Future of Selling: The End of Sales as We Know It is described as an encyclopedic view of sales exciting new vision of how sales is rapidly changing from conventional wisdom, and tips on how to prepare for the future. Designed to be a quick read for busy sales executives, The Future of Selling is produced by NAW’s talent management partner, Chally, and authored by Chally founder Howard Stevens.


The future of selling is happening now, and that’s why this set of nine volumes and two DVDs was created. These tools provide a road map for where the art (and science) of selling is today and where it's headed. Each volume encapsulates more than 20 years of data collected through world-class sales research and provides an encyclopedia of information about each aspect of selling. This set will help wholesaler-distributors gain a better understanding of how the various aspects of sales are changing and what the future holds. Every sales leader and sales training expert in your company should use these materials in sales management and strategic development.




Howard Stevens

Howard Stevens is Chairman of Chally Group Worldwide. He specializes in leadership development, succession planning, customer and market analysis, and sales benchmarking. He is the creator of the original sales product lifecycle classifications and designed the major five-year longitudinal study of leadership development for the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

A licensed clinical psychologist, Howard is also known for his research and programs to develop a professional sales curriculum at the university level. With diversified interests, he is the author of several books on sales and management (published in multiple languages), including Achieve Sales Excellence, The Quadrant Solution, and Selling the Wheel, and now The Future of Selling.

He has written many articles and is a frequent speaker and radio and television guest. Howard's world-class sales benchmarks program has been presented more than 500 times across 30 countries for corporations, trade associations, government agencies, and universities. He has been a guest on CNN, Bloomberg USA, National Public Radio, Radio Free America, and other business-based programs. Howard also taught “World Class Sales” benchmarks at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and other universities, and serves on the Sales Advisory Board for Ohio University and the Foundation Board of Wright State University.