Distributors in the Digital Era
Digital Tools Were a Hot Topic at NAW Executive Summit 2017
Digital Tools Were a Hot Topic at NAW 2017 Executive Summit – Distributors in the Digital Era #4

I had the pleasure of attending the NAW 2017 Executive Summit earlier this month in Washington, DC. This year’s theme promised to speak to many of the challenges faced by distributors today: a tough economy, advancing technology, rapidly changing customer requirements, shifting demographics, and tight margins. I found the program and presentations excellent, offering fresh […]

Distributors in the Digital Era
How to Build an Industry-Leading Sales Channel – Distributors in the Digital Era #3

Some Distributors Will Soon Have Industry-Leading Sales Channels I’ve been looking at how channel disruptors, including both incumbent distributors and outside players, might restructure distribution-intensive value chains. A few predictions are emerging, including one that is worth discussing now: Distributors will soon build world-class, industry-leading sales channels. Some distributors might think they have already achieved […]

Distributors in the Digital Era
Making Sense of Digital Tools - Distributors in the Digital Era #2
Making Sense of Digital Tools – Distributors in the Digital Era #2

Cutting Through the Fog by Recognizing That Success Begins at Home My ongoing conversations with distributors reveals, over and over again, that leaders are inundated with a flood of urgent pronouncements about the need to make investments and build digital capabilities. Experts and vendors proclaim that distributors must go online to keep up with rapidly […]

Wholesale Distribution Trends
Developing Trends in Wholesale Distribution—Virtual Reality and Blockchain
Virtual Reality and Blockchain – Wholesale Distribution Trends #14

Virtual Reality for Wholesaler-Distributors Virtual reality (VR) is used to replicate surroundings, real or imagined, and create a life-like 3D experience associated with the environment. It allows for user interaction with the surroundings, using closed-loop feedback systems so that the outcomes are a direct result of the actions taken. VR has been around for several […]

Wholesale Distribution Trends
Developing Trends in Wholesale Distribution—Drones and Driverless Vehicles
Drones and Driverless Vehicles – Wholesale Distribution Trends #13

Driverless-Vehicles in Wholesale Distribution Developing technologies such as drones and driverless vehicles have the potential to ease many aspects of a business operations and logistics. Driverless-Vehicles in Wholesale Distribution While still in the early stages, driverless-vehicle technology is advancing rapidly. Already, driver-assist capabilities are available in passenger cars (for example, parking assist or self-parking, blind […]

Wholesale Distribution Trends
Developing Trends in Wholesale Distribution—Robotics, Industrial Connectivity
Robotics, Industrial Connectivity – Wholesale Distribution Trends #11

Gaining Efficiency Through Robotics in Wholesale Distribution One offshoot of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the rise in the implementation and use of connected robotics as companies look for ways to gain efficiency and cut costs on the customer’s factory floor, in the warehouse, and elsewhere. This is a growing opportunity for wholesaler-distributors to […]

Wholesale Distribution Trends
The Internet of Things for the Wholesaler-Distributor- Wholesale Distribution Trends #10

The Internet of Things Continues to Grow The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, embedded with sensors and electronic components, which gathers, stores, and analyzes data. Forecasts project that there will be more than 20 billion connected things in use worldwide by 2020. The IoT is one of the greatest technologies […]

Wholesale Distribution Trends
Technology Trends—Cloud Computing for the Wholesaler-Distributor
Cloud Computing for the Wholesaler-Distributor – Wholesale Distribution Trends #9

The amount of data being produced today is increasing exponentially, and technology is allowing companies to analyze massive amounts of that data to garner new insights about customers and themselves. In many cases, the analysis and insights can be used to generate new forms of differentiation that can be used to disrupt existing markets, and […]