Getting the Most Out of CRM
10 Guiding Principles of CRM
Top 10 Guiding Principles for Designing Your CRM Selection Process

1. Pick a partner, not just a vendor. While it’s important to pick a CRM tool with appropriate features, it is also important to evaluate the CRM vendor’s business strategies and culture ….   2. Know your sales drivers. CRM delivers the best immediate value when it is aligned with the specific drivers that yield […]

Becoming a Digital Distributor
What are Digital Tools: A Guide for Wholesaler- Distributors
What Are Digital Tools: A Guide for Wholesaler-Distributors

Wholesaler-distributors have a very strong awareness of digital tools, but, as of today, relatively low experience, on average. We found that we often needed to provide a simple working definition of the six digital tools that were the subject of our research, and we provide them here for clarity.   E-commerce: buying and selling of […]

Becoming a Digital Distributor
How to Compete with Internet-savvy Distributor
How to Compete with Internet-savvy Distributors

Gearing up to compete with Internet-savvy disruptors involves three planning priorities: 1. Measurable importance. Take a fresh look at customers that may be migrating away from your business, and make sure that your offerings are important to those customers. Then, measure the value in the difference it makes in the customer’s business. These customers may […]

Becoming a Digital Distributor
6 Strategies for Competing with Disruptors
6 Strategies for Competing with Disruptors

Wholesaler-distributors are well aware that disruptors pose a strategic threat, and so are developing strategies to survive, compete, and prosper. Here are potential strategies for dealing with disruptors: It’s important to note that all of the strategies have a common thread: wholesaler-distributors must clearly define the solutions or services they offer customers delivered through a […]

Becoming a Digital Distributor
Benefits of Digital Tools Identified by Distributors
12 Benefits of Digital Tools Identified by Distributors

Digital tools: 1. Strengthen the firm’s offerings 2. Provide a platform for competitive differentiation 3. Enhance solutions offered to customers 4. Help to expand the base of served customers 5. Better the customer experience 6. Capture value through margins and growth 7. Assist to improve business process quality and efficiency 8. Enrich organizational collaboration and […]

Becoming a Digital Distributor
Developing a Value Strategy
3-Step Process for Developing a Value Strategy

Here’s a three-step process for developing a value strategy for leveraging information, improving productivity, and positively affecting a wholesaler-distributor’s business results. Step 1: Define Your Core Value Our interviews with wholesaler-distributors revealed fundamental decisions around the range of solutions offered to customers (supply-focused vs. business-wide) and productivity or relationship tradeoff s (transactions vs. interactions). It’s […]